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Exactly what does a juicy taco mean?

Exactly what does a juicy taco mean?

Okay, therefore after my boyfriend and I did THAT, he began telling me personally that I’d a juicy taco and asked if we liked cream pies? I did not ask him whatever they had been. Therefore I ended up being wondering in regards to the meaning. Can somebody please let me know their definitions?

It indicates your hot.

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Fine juicy taco means you***** is very wet that you have a very “juicy” ***** or in other terms. But a cream cake occurs when a man cums inside of you push out of the *** along with your stomach muscles. We avoid using the expression cream cake bc its really strange to state this.

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Cream cake – A vagina that’s had a lot of semen shot into it

The juicy taco is not defined on metropolitan dictionary, but its most likely across the lines that are same the cream cake

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Juicy taco = pus## cream cake = cu* inside your

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Then you shouldn’t be doing “THAT” if you have to say “my boyfriend and I did THAT” instead of saying you had sex,.

In addition think if you don’t know very well what these terms mean or cannot utilize context clues to find out whatever they suggest then chances are you must not be making love either.

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Precisely. The beef bayba. With out it, the taco can look extremely empty. (yet i actually do want beans, and countless hotsauce myself. And a couple of cream that is bitter the middle. I suppose you are authentic. )

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You may get them regarding the buck menu at taco bell.

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I do believe he could be making a dirty joke. Taco meaning your vag. It looks somebody exactly exactly exactly just what such as for instance a taco. Cream pie is additionally in a track called sugar. Def leppord. It really is discussing their semen. SO crema pies could be him ejaculating in your vag.

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