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Library Lingo: Glossary of Library Consideration. Is there a phrase we on the library’s internet site which doesn’t appear in this gloss?

Library Lingo: Glossary of Library Consideration. Is there a phrase we on the library’s internet site which doesn’t appear in this gloss?

Using this gloss

Would you find out text in the archive’s websites that lost one? Use this self-help guide to discover statement widely used into the library.

Do you have a statement a person on the library’s page that doesn’t appear in this gloss? Email Christal Young for allow or to have the phrase combined with this record.


This gloss was created to expose you to words/terminology commonly used in an academic library environment.

Go through the emails below to leap to this section of the alphabet:

Abstract: “a synopsis or short details associated with the information found in another more lengthy operate. An abstract is usually provided together with the citation to a work.”

Almanac: “1. A selection, typically yearly, of numbers and specifics, both recent and retrospective. Might wide in physical and issue coverage, or restricted to a specific land or state as well as to a unique matter. 2. A yearly incorporating assorted topic, such as a calendar, a directory of astronomical parties, planting tables, astrological predictions, and anecdotes” (classification from Yale school archive)

Annotation: “1. A note that describes, describes, or measures; specifically these types of a note added to an entryway in a bibliography, reviewing variety, or index. 2. approach to producing these types of notes. Annotation may final result of creating such reports.” (Definition from Colorodo Condition Institution Libraries)

Records: “1. A location which houses historic or public record information. 2. The old or public record information on their own, which can be non-circulating ingredients such choices of private document, exceptional products, ephemera, etc.”

Post: “a quick work—generally between 1 and 35 pages in length—on a subject. Frequently printed in a diary, newspaper, or newspaper.”

Atlas: “a novel or tied collecting charts, drawings, etc.; amount of routes, dishes, engravings, game tables, etc., which can be familiar with go with an article; or it may possibly be an unbiased publication.” (Meaning from Colorodo Condition University Libraries)

Installation: “another file (for example, articles, program, visual, acoustic, clip) delivered with an e-mail information.”

Authentication: “a protection process that generally makes use of usernames and accounts to validate the identification of consumers before letting all of them having access to some details.”

Publisher: “The person(s) or organization(s) that had written quickflirt search or gathered a data. Seeking info under the writer’s name’s one selection in searching.”

Bibliography: “A list that contains citations on the resources found in creating a study paper or any other document.” See in addition: research.

Reserve: “A relatively extended operate, usually about the same subject matter. Perhaps printing or electric.”

Reserve stacks: “Shelves into the library wherein materials—typically courses—are accumulated. Reference books during the publication stacks are usually arranged by contact wide variety. May be described basically due to the fact “stacks.”

Boolean driver: “A word—such as AND, otherwise, or NOT—that directions a personal computer to combine keywords. Helps filter (AND, never) or broaden (otherwise) searches.”

Web browser: “a pc software program that enables individuals to view Internet websites. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox are generally windows.”

Dub amounts “a variety of emails and/or number that recognizes a specific items in a library and offers an easy method for arranging selection holdings. Two important kinds contact figures is Dewey Decimal phone call data and collection of meeting phone call data.”

Catalog “a website (either online or written down playing cards) list and outlining the courses, magazines, authorities information, audiovisual also materials held by a library. Different keywords make it easier to check for products in the inventory.”

CD “an abbreviation for compact disc; it’s used in storage digital expertise.”

Chat “the opportunity to get in touch with other individuals, pc to desktop computer, via entered messages.”

Have a look at: “To borrow/rent/loan/issue a product from a library for a confined time to be able to look over, heed, or notice it. Check-out durations vary by collection. Merchandise happen to be checked out from the blood supply desk.”

Blood flow desk: “the area inside library the place you pay a visit to, continue, and return library ingredients. You may also place a hold, report something missing through the rack, or pay out belated expenses or penalties there.” Often known as credit work desk.

Citation “a regard to a novel, publication or journal document, and other efforts that contains all the stuff necessary to identify and place that actually work. A citation to a manuscript therefore involves the author’s title, name, author and set of guide, and go out of publication.”

Directed language: “standardised keywords made use of in looking around a specific databases.” Likewise notice: Descriptors, issue heading .

System book: “a variety of courses, pages, videotapes, and other resources that instructors desire students to read through or read for a particular study course. Printing book content are often keep in one area with the selection and move just for a brief period of the time.” See likewise: Electric reserve.

Collection: “an accumulation of info kept in an electric structure that can be searched by a computer.”

Information “a text describing the subject of a write-up or e-book; used in numerous personal computer directories.”

Dial-up: “A device using phone contours allowing a computer to reach cyberspace or two devices to convey.”

Dissertation: “a lengthy written management of a subject matter (like an ebook) presented by a grad individual as a requirement for a doctorate.”

File shipments – A service that retrieves or photocopies expertise places for archive consumers.” Likewise see Interlibrary funding and paper supply (IDD), all of our guidebook on USC’s post delivery technique.

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