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Now that Alexis was stuck in Schitt’s Creek, this model relationships choices are confined, but she does devote more time to with a tough nearby called Mutt while offering people provider for accidentally going into the Prada store inside your vehicle.

Now that Alexis was stuck in Schitt’s Creek, this model relationships choices are confined, but she does devote more time to with a tough nearby called Mutt while offering people provider for accidentally going into the Prada store inside your vehicle.

Alexis is actually kindhearted to an error, this means she is often juggling numerous connections, and she loves to gossip about other people’s physical lives, but this lady has simply good things to say about by herself.


Alexis will be the child of this once affluent Johnny and Moira Rose. Alexis features one elderly bro, an old gallerist and present business proprietor called David flower. Just before transferring to Schitt’s Creek, Alexis put in the majority of their moment clear of the woman group in unique venues globally as a young adult style and socialite.These escapades comprise usually just as risky as they comprise preposterous, such as the time period she ended up being “taken prisoner on David Geffen’s yacht by Somali pirates for a week”, and the opportunity she is jammed in a Saudi prince’s development. But with the girl lavalife local number ingenuity (along with her uncle David’s assistance), Alexis always receive the method to security. All this added curricular action as a result remaining this model very little time to perform their university and school knowledge, a gap she later fulfills when in Schitt’s Creek.

Alexis’ time period out of the country has provided the girl with a lot existence experience, but little with respect to parents relations. She actually is notably remote from the mummy, Moira, and bickers along with her senior dad David over trivial things, like for example that has got the sleep furthest from the entrance in motel room. Alexis nonetheless relies on their buddy for service which is rapid available encouragement and suggestions as David navigates prefer and life in Schitt’s Creek. Within this sense, she commonly mirrors the woman grandfather, Johnny, which attempts to maintain the personal seated that really help these people in perhaps the most minor topics – like Alexis’ created grammar.

Despite the woman parents factors, Alexis is definitely fast to develop relations aided by the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek. Most notable include enchanting dating she embarks on with regional hippie-type, Mutt Schitt, plus the city veterinarian, Ted Mullens. She vacillates between your two males the first few months – actually switching lower two union recommendations – prior to taking sometime to pay attention to by herself. She and Ted reunite at the end of period four and stays two by the 5th period, although their unique relationship improves, Alexis was hesitant to put this lady parents as soon as Ted encourages this lady to go with him or her on a longer job possibility within the Galapagos Islands. She in the course of time confirms and by period six is set to exit with Ted, but as a result a scheduling mix-up, never can make it within the Galapagos. After a period of long-distance a relationship, the connection comes to an end amicably if Alexis decides her respective positions is taking these people in contradictory guidelines.

By completing school, Alexis doesn’t spend a short while and jumps whole vapor in advance into a school plan. She quickly begins to add the girl sales skill to utilize across the hotel, initiate the very own PR firm (Alexis flower Communications), and buries herself in setting up a Singles times for your area and even becoming the girl mother’s publicist throughout the hit journey for Moira’s brand new movies, The Crows Have eyesight III: The Crowening.



Alexis wears a “bohemian” garments empowered through wants of Sienna Miller. The smoothness’s style is in addition a reflection of this lady experience expended traveling in New York and European countries. As such, this woman is usually spotted sports manufacturers including Isabel Marant and Derek getaway.


Alexis comes in Schitt’s Creek an extremely self-involved “celebutante”. She’s often comically oblivious and sometimes misinterprets the actions of the about her. Still, Alexis can also be benevolent and kindhearted, welcoming the chance of nearly every person or opportunities she results in.

Alexis converse with a singing fry and often employs exaggerated hand motions. The words could very well be most remarkable for the distinctive way in which she pronounces their bro’s brand, “David”. Murphy states this build got partly impacted by truth movie stars and actresses similar to the Kardashian siblings, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton.

All over the conditions, Alexis in addition has get known for the catchphrase “Ew, David!”, an exclamation she generally uses to sound the girl displeasure at them dad.

Fictional Character Development

Alexis happens to be presented as rotten and ready to jet switched off with any boy who are able to save them from Schitt’s Creek. She’s largely filled by their enchanting possibilities and its dependent on their particular affections to help relieve this model into their new life. Being the series advances, Alexis gets to be more independent by obtaining the woman university degree and connect diploma prior to starting her very own companies. This gains also moves to this model individual dating, as she slowly starts to realize that adoring many involves lose and selflessness. In the end of time five, Alexis, whom once spent almost all of their experience an ocean faraway from her relatives, is indicated as hesitant to get out of all of them behind.

Regarded affairs

  • Ted Mullens
  • Mutt Schitt
  • Miguel
    • After encounter them from the Bumpkin going out with application, Miguel keeps going a date with Alexis in The Jazzaguy, but suddenly ends up the go steady as he finds out Alexis’ records with Ted.
  • Artie Camden
    • They quickly dates Alexis through the episode, recovery. He will be the age Johnny, possessing young children and grandchildren of his own, and formerly held a chain of trailer park.
  • Alexis with Stavros


    • a delivery heir playboy, escort-hiring womanizer who Alexis out dated for a few weeks earlier the beginning of the television series. Any time Alexis’ children’s lot of money vanished therefore relocated to Schitt’s Creek, Stavros would be clubbing it up overseas – to his or her loan, he would’ve absolutely recovered Alexis if Mary-Kate Olsen had beenn’t hogging their exclusive aircraft. A lot more about Stavros is the fact he forgotten this lady on a journey to Rio, they requested Johnny accomplish pipes with your at his or her 60th birthday bash, the guy gifted Alexis his own ex-wife’s gemstone, he kept Molly in her own car’s glove area – yet the last straw within tumultuous love affair had been as he attended Diddy’s white in color group without them.
  • Unnamed Saudi Prince
    • He or she presented Alexis prisoner in his castle as she desperately made an effort to hit an embassy.
  • Aroon
    • A Thai pill lord who Alexis bribed with gender to flee the back of his or her trunk. Alexis recalls Aroon becoming “a beautiful guy, until they ran out of money”.
  • Unnamed Sultan’s nephew
    • He had been evidently prohibited to hang out with Alexis, or even take a look at the woman.

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